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Using proven Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE), each ID card holder continuously monitors social distancing across the workplace and enables rapid contact tracing in the event a team member becomes infected. When the wearable detects a colleague is within approximately 6 feet / 2 meters of another colleague, it prompts the users with a visual beacon to establish a safe distance.


Sending kids to school is worrisome for parents in the Covid-19 era. Our Sensiable MODE™ Smart ID card, enabled with Bluetooth low energy and GPS tracking, creates a safe way of tracing children from the moment they board the school bus, spend time in the campus to the time they reach back home. Students are prompted with a visual beacon when they breach the mentioned 6 feet/2 meters proximity. The most desirable feature is the real-time update on the location and safety notification of the child to the parents.


Sensiable Smart ID card and a network of gateways and beacons can be used to monitor the movement of hospital staff, critical assets like wheelchair, moving bed, ventilators etc. Sensiable can also help in social distancing and contract tracing of infected patients and their families visiting hospitals


Warehousing requires continuous monitoring on the movement of people and goods. Sensiable can offer a very effective and simple solution with the MODE™ Smart ID card and network of beacons to trace these movements. Also, the MODE™ Smart ID card will help in maintaining safe distance and contact tracing in case of an outbreak. With the help of beacons, the quarantine zones can be easily figured out in a warehouse.


Sensiable MODE™ Smart ID card can help in maintaining safe distance for workers in the manufacturing industry. Also contact tracing can be done immediately incase of any outbreak. The buzzer and LED indicators in the Smart ID card inform the worker as soon as they come closer than 2 meters to another co-worker.

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