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Desk Booking Solution for Workplace

Choose the lighting fast, intuitive, and flexible Desk booking solution.

Sensiable desk booking solution helps to create a more agile workplace with a cloud-based workspace reservation solution. It enables staff to search and find  a work desk that meets their needs and get more out of your real estate. Desk booking software provides flexibility in booking times, ensuring employees can book a desk in advance via mobile, web or kiosk.


  • It helps facility manager to maximize their existing real estate space.
  • Most of the times the business is expanding faster than the company can increase its real estate
  • The modern workplace demands flexible seating to more effectively promote communication and collaboration
  • In todays world a desk booking system helps organizations to manage the work from home and office crowd efficiently on a common platform.
  •  Beside offering cost saving and flexibility, the desk booking system also provides the facility management team with data which helps them to understand the occupancy and usage of the facility in a much better way.
Desk Booking System
Desk Booking App


Every desk is different in a workspace. Some desks are part of 100% flexible workspaces that can be booked by all employees at all times of the day, while other desks are reserved for a particular department. Our desk booking app gives you the freedom to set up your desks according to your requirements.

Sensiable desk booking app for iOS and Android gives you the flexibility of booking your desk before reaching office. The app will automatically show the seats vacant in the office for a particular day and time and can be booked immediately. If needed you can search for a colleague or team leader and book a space near them. You can book, prolong, end before time, and check-in to your bookings from the app.

See availability and book your desk from an interactive floor plan or from a simple list view. Your phone will notify you about upcoming bookings and bookings that are about to end.


The workplace analytics tool allows you to analyze and understand your office space and its utilization. You can get information about how often the office desks are booked, if there is any shortage of desks and at which time of the day or week the desks are booked most frequently. All the office services and utilities can be optimized as per the booking data. Once the analytics engine has historical data it can predict the daily occupancy rates and help streamline all the services as per needs. The analytics tool is a strong module for all real estate professionals and workspace team to plan and make the right decisions.

Office seat booking solution


The booking app can be easily integrated with a desk sensor to enable check-in and significantly reduce GHOST reservations. The sensors along with booking app can offer most up-to-date information on which spaces are being used and for how long is it used against the booking duration. The combination of sensor and app provides most accurate space utilization data which can further be integrated with the housekeeping for timely cleaning and sanitizing of desks.

Booking Made Simple




Software Features

The app offer users a seamless experience and smooth  navigation to search and reserve a desk of their preference.

  The sensors provide real-time data regarding the occupied and vacant desk across the floor. Sensors can integrate with booking app to validate the check-ins and measure utilisation against booking.

   The strong Ai algorithm behind ensures that once the it has historical data it can predict the future occupancy rates and will help in streamlining all the services and planning for real estate.

Sensiable employs a secure cloud hosted enterprise grade software for managing the data. All the interactions are stored anonymously to protect user identity.

 Having real-time data on the booking and usage of desk at any given time and the ability to see trends over time makes it easier for facility and workspace team to plan for future real estate needs.

Sensiable offers the flexibility to enable and disable features in the app as per needs. The analytics and the reports can be modified to suit the organisations requirements.

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