Desk Occupancy Sensor

Desk Occupancy Sensor collects data passively and wirelessly regarding occupancy management and provides meaningful insights through analytics and reporting.

Desk Occupancy Sensor Device

Product Details

Dimension ( W x L x H )   : 60 mm x 60mm x 20mm
Colour  : White
Battery  : 2 – CR2477 (3+ years of life)
Power  : 5 VDC
Operating Temperature   : 0 – 85 degree C
Wireless Operating Frequency : 2.4 GHz
Detection Capabilities : Occupancy/temperature/Co2/VOC/Humidity
RF Certifications   : FCC, IC, ACMA, Anatel, ICASA, NCC, MIC, KCC

Increase productivity of your workspace and manage it better

Increase productivity of your workspace and manage it better



Product Features

The desk sensors passively collect, store and transmit real-time data to the cloud for immediate viewing and analysis.

Along with occupancy details the sensors also can also capture temperature, humidity, CO2 and VOC data.

The sensors are wireless and are packed with a battery life of more than 3 years.

The sensors can be sticked or fastened to the bottom of table and can be commissioned immediately with a help of a mobile app.

The data collected by the sensors are transformed into meaningful analytics with the help of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The data collected by the sensor is encrypted and stored in enterprise grade cloud server. Only authorised personals have access to the occupancy data.

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