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Social Distance Monitoring for the Workplace

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Our MODE™ Smart ID Card holder use Bluetooth low energy (BLE) to monitor distance between colleagues and prompts a visual beacon when distance is less than 6 feet/2 meters. Recorded information with regards to contact tracing is used in the event team members become infected. BLE is a proven safe technology to enforce social distancing and contact tracing.

Social Distancing Solution

World health organization (WHO) has recommended safe social distancing to combat the Covid-19 virus effect. As employees start returning to work, the organizations will need to implement strategies for a safe workplace. It is required for the workforce to have 6 feet/2 meters distance between them. We, at Sensiable, have designed a solution to overcome this challenge. Each user is allocated a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) MODE™ smart ID card Holder. When an employee come within a defined distance of another employee, both tags flashes alerting the employees on the distance breach.

Contact Tracing Solutions

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, it is paramount to do contact tracing for infected individuals. The infected individual becomes a carrier for 7-14 days without being aware about it, thus contact tracing is important. As the workplace is opening, so is the need for the contact tracing solution. We, at Sensiable, have built a smart ID cardholder which each employee, visitor, and staff would wear. It keeps the data of building premises visited by individual and people they came in contact.

Wayfinding & Indoor GPS

We all are aware Wayfinding is an information system that guides people through the physical environment. An indoor positioning system is a network of devices used to locate people and objects. Both technologies coupled together make a very strong indoor navigation app. The movement of individuals from desks to common areas is tracked. In case of contact tracing infectious area, it is a handy solution. As required, we can run an analytics report to produce a heat map of the area.

Software & Analytics

Sensiable Smart Suite is a secure cloud hosted enterprise grade software and analytics platform. Our sophisticated enterprise platform anonymously traces and monitors the users and the contact they have with others. If someone reports that they feel unwell, have COVID-19 symptoms or test positive to COVID-19 or any other potentially infectious virus the platform can immediately trace the people in contact with the infected user. A person may take 10-14 day to start showing symptoms of an infection, so the data is stored for minimum 30 days and can be stored for maximum a year. Sensiable Smart Suite has both high level and granular reporting based on sites, departments, states or even countries. The company Social health indicator helps in identifying the potential hotspots in the people network and non-compliance related to social distancing.

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Sensiable MODE™ Smart ID card can be used for social distancing and contact tracing in school for kids. Also with the help of MODE™ Smart ID cards and a network of gateways and beacons, sensiable can create a safe way of tracking children from the moment they board the school bus, reach the school, spend time in campus to the time they reach back home. All these time the parents can get the real-time update on the location and safety of the children.


Sensiable Smart ID card and a network of gateways and beacons can be used to monitor the movement of hospital staff, critical assets like wheel chair, moving bed, ventilators etc. Also sensiable can help in social distancing and contract tracing of infected patients and their families visiting hospitals.


Warehousing requires continuous monitoring on the movement of people and goods. Sensiable can offer a very effective and simple solution with the MODE™ Smart ID card and network of beacons to track these movements. Also the MODE™ Smart ID card will help in maintaining safe distance and contact tracing in case of an outbreak. With the help of beacons the quarantine zones can be easily figured out in a warehouse.


Sensiable MODE™ Smart ID card can help in maintaining safe distance for workers in the manufacturing industry. Also contact tracing can be done immediately incase of any outbreak. The buzzer and LED indicators in the Smart ID card informs the worker as soon as they come closer than 2 meters to another co-worker.


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