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Impacting our centuries old social norms, covid-19 has triggered a new survival instinct in us. Are you prepared for the new normal? The post covid-19 era demands social distancing, enhanced safety routine, tracing social touch-ups and so on. We are here to help you with our contact tracing system powered by cutting edge analytics and insights.



Our products functionality consists of Social distancing & contact tracing, seat booking/room booking, Occupancy management, asset tracking, wayfinding and Indoor GPS and so on. Our aim is to enable social distancing solutions in your office premises for safe return of your workforce and extend the use of technology for effectively managing your workspace and the way people work. To achieve this, we have MODE smart ID card holder, under desk occupancy sensor, and beaconing systems. All these will ensure that you will have a well-managed movement in your workforce.

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Sensiable has developed a workforce solution which provides active feedback to the employee, in the form of a visual and sound alarm, so individuals know when to adjust their current distance to a safe social distance. Our technology monitors it using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) inside the cardholder of employees. It also does a passive collection of employee touchpoints for contact tracing should a colleague test positive. Our powerful analytics reporting engine can produce the result in a granular way to filter as per the required criteria so that employees can be notified accordingly. Thus Sensiable is a full-blown solution to the workplace social distancing and contact tracing just for you.

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We are a new age IOT company based in Bangalore, India and creating innovative solutions for enterprises and institutions to increase safety and productivity in their premises. If we had to pick one single thing that all of the wonderful people at Sensiable have in common it would be the entrepreneurial spirit that runs through the team and generates no end of inspiration, innovation and fun. We are a bunch of tech savvy people who came together to create technology that can solve complex problems in the most sensible way.

We are here to help our customers thrive.

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Sensiable has a strong inhouse hardware and software, design-development team. This helps in seamless deployment and quick turn around for any troubleshooting required.

The team at Sensiable consists of professionals who have strong technical knowledge and execution skills. The team is always forthcoming in attending and solving any concern from the customers and partners.

All the products and solutions are designed keeping in mind the simplicity in deployment and practicality in usage.

The IOT products designed by sensiable are wireless and the battery is optimised to deliver long life and powerful performance.

The sensors works round the clock to capture and display real-time data so that effective decisions can be taken immediately and implemented.

The sensors are wireless and remove all the hassle of complicated wiring. The simple app-based commissioning process makes it fast and simple to deploy a large number of sensors in short time.

Sensiable has strong artificial intelligence (Ai) based algorithm supporting the analytics and providing deep insights into the workspace and people around it.

The privacy settings can be adjusted to the organization’s policy or as per statutory regulations. Sensiable employs high-security encryption for cloud data storage.

We are an expert in the field of wireless technology creating solutions for people and space around them.

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