Sensiable air quality devices have robust air quality sensors that incorporate cutting edge and recognized technology to measure air contaminants.

Accurate and responsive

Sensiable air quality sensors exhibits a precision and expert reporting in an indoor space.

Your health matters

Your health, both physical and mental, can be impacted by a variety of air pollutants, particulate matter, gases, chemicals, and other substances.

Sensiable desk occupancy sensors are essential for businesses aiming to transition to smart and hybrid workplaces or for businesses interested in learning how their office is used.

Quick and affordable

The wireless desk sensors are simple to set up and starts gathering data immediately. No need for pricey, time-consuming wiring and installation.

Strategic occupancy planning

Eliminate the uncertainty in your space and occupancy planning. Now, make decisions based on data to optimize workspaces.

Sensiable BLE tags are intelligent and reliable devices for tracking important or valuable assets accurately and cost-effectively

Low power – high performance

Our BLE tags can last you for a long time with a battery life of two to three years.

Quickly locate assets

Sensiable BLE tags asset tracking enables you to quickly monitor and pinpoint where high value assets