IOT enabled workspace analytics

We assist company, facility, and real estate professionals in locating and quantifying crucial workspace, occupancy, and utilization data points across their global portfolios. Making judgments about portfolio resizing, utility and facility cost cuts, and creating a hybrid work strategy to provide a fantastic employee experience.

We offer a means of digitally visualising the information gathered by IOT sensors through our workspace analytics platform, “Quantilium.”

Office space utilization

As business requirements and flexible working arrangements change frequently, decisions about workplace design must be made frequently. Businesses must be well aware of the facts of office space utilization in order to make these decisions correctly. 

Recognize in real time the population density of each floor and room in your building. By designating a Maximum Capacity, alerts will be sent out whenever the occupancy levels go above the predetermined limit. See historical trends for a given building, floor, room, or desk.

National and global portfolio analytics

Gather usage and occupancy information for all of your locations, such as common areas, conference rooms, and collaboration spaces, using desk-level sensors, area sensors, or people counters. 

With Sensiable Insights, you can track workplace occupancy and utilization across floors, locations, and regions from a single location. Track portfolio-wide utilization trends to determine when certain sites will reach a certain level of utilization.

Monitor indoor air quality for wellbeing and safety

Keep an eye on the air quality all day and make sure that fresh air is circulated effectively.

Recognize the relationship between occupancy and rising CO2 emissions, as well as how this affects production.

Continuously monitor the levels of temperature, carbon emissions, humidity, and particulate matter.

Right-size your workplace to save money

Do you spend too much money on real-estate? Due to today’s reduced occupancy, it’s more important than ever to determine your cost per person in order to determine how much space you will require as your business expands.

Because of the demand for more flexibility, businesses and their operations are changing and will continue to evolve over time. Businesses may identify pain spots, respond to fluctuations in workspace demand, and properly sizing real estate to meet business demands by understanding these shifts through precise data and analytics.

Space Design. The future office

Space design decisions run a high risk of being poor and expensive, but not anymore. Utilize data-driven strategies for allocating space, re-stacking, calculating seating ratios, and anticipating space demands in order to respond to space requests and headcount increases.

It is imperative that you provide employees with enjoyable and productive experiences. To make the office cost-effective and sustainable, learn how to experiment, validate, and ideate space designs.

Increase employee satisfaction and experience

A lack of available space should not lead to low employee satisfaction. When workers have access to the ideal workplaces they require to complete their work, productivity increases. 

Giving a seamless work environment helps retain employees and elevate their overall experience.


Data export

Easily export occupancy and vacancy data by selecting the time interval

Hardware Health Monitoring

Get regular status updates on the hardware battery levels and functioning

Floor plans

Upload floor plans
with ease

Deeper Insights

The system uses advanced machine learning algorithms for effective and deep insights

Important insights and alerts

Get important alerts on occupancy and vacancy on the platform

Highly scalable

Keep adding floors and buildings to the same dashboard and monitor global locations from single dashboard